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Formaldehyde-free glass wool bianket

The heat preservation market has increasingly higher requi rement for building materials,and green and environment friendly buildina materials have become a major trend.In consideration of this actuality.Langfang Gerui Glass Wool Products Co.,Ltd.developed using new high technology a high—end heat preservation product一一formaldehyde—free glass wool.ThiS product avoids the harm to human and environment caused by hazardous Substances such as tormaldehyde and phenol.and can meet the hiqher requirements of the market on environmental protection.

performance index

DensityKg/m³20-80GB/T 5480.3
Ave rage fiber diaμm5-8GB/T 5480.4
Grade of combustibility - Non—combustible G rade AGB 8624-1997
Resh rinking temp250-400GB/T 11835-2007
Thermal conductibilityw/m.k0.034-0.07GB/T 10294
The formaldehyde release a quantity - UndetectedGB 50325-2001

Colorful glass wool

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