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Product performance advantages

1. Thermal stability
Gerui gIass wooI has such pertect performance as high temperature heat- stabiIity,durabiIity,high temperatu re shrinkage resistance.Within the range of recommended temperature and under normal conditions it can keep stable and high efficiency for a long time.

2. Heat—insulation and heat-preservation,sound adsorption and noise reduction
Gerui glass wool has low slag indusion content,thin and long inner fiber,so it can stop air flowing and heat transforming,Meanwhile it can reduce the transportation of sound quickly and reduce the thermal conductivity,so as to produce effects of insulation and sound。

3. Damp-proof property
Hyd rophobicity is a kind of ability for materials water permeability resistance; with the hyd rophobicity are not less than 98%,so it has the sustained and stable insulating performance.

4. Fire—proof performance
Gerui Glass wool is tested as the non— flammable Class A material,according to the Eu ropean standards ENl3162:2001/ AC:2005 and the GB8624—1 997 standard。

5. Non—poison
Gerui glass wool doesn’t contain asbestos and doesn’t grow the mouId.It aIso dosen’t supply the conditlon of g rowth of microorganiSm,so it is poInted as the environment friendly product by the NationaI Construct MateriaI Test Centre.

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